Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Sonoro Platinum SE record player

Sonoro Platinum SE record player

Sonoro has released a new turntable in the form of the Platinum SE, an improved version of the “regular” Platinum.

The Sonoro Platinum SE has undergone a number of improvements over the standard Platinum. These include a heavier platter and a double-bearing tone arm. Also, the newcomer got a cork layer on top of the platter. Last but not least, a new element is included: a high-quality Nagaoka. The whole fits together seamlessly. Like the standard Platinum, the SE is also very versatile in terms of connection options. Thanks to an integrated phono preamplifier but also USB and even Bluetooth, connecting to anything shouldn’t be much of a problem. The Sonoro Platinum SE is available per direct in matte black and white, for a price of € 799.