Thursday, November 30, 2023
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TRPTK does cable test

TRPTK does cable test

The Dutch record label TRPTK conducted a cable test using different cable sets for recordings.

Cables remain an essential component in the setup of a better hi-fi system. But what about the recording side? TRPTK decided to find out and tested various cable sets: ‘We at TRPTK went to record a cable test last week, recording 5 takes using 2 different sets of microphone cables (XLR) each time. We randomized these and put them into a Google Form. Very short explanation: Do cables really make a difference now? TRPTK set up a blind A/B test between different XLR cables between microphone and AD converter, and it’s up to you, the listener, to indicate whether you hear a difference or not. One person is randomly chosen and gets a one-year subscription to all new downloads on resolution of your choice!’ In short: it’s also an interactive listening test that you can participate in yourself.

We’ll come back to this test in detail. For now, you can read a report here; you can also download the test tracks from this page.