Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Dynaudio Contour i-serie in Nordic Silver

Dynaudio Contour i-serie in Nordic Silver

Dynaudio announces that the Countour i speaker series is now available in the color (finish) Nordic Silver.

Dynaudio introduces Nordic Silver, a new finish for this manufacturer’s Contour i speaker series. The Nordic Silver wood veneer is – the manufacturer says – made from “honest, simple – and also pleasant to the touch – poplar wood that is made from sustainable sources using an innovative lamination process. The selected sustainable tree trunks are “rolled out”, almost like using a pencil sharpener, into huge sheets of wood. These are then mixed and matched, laminated, glued and formed into what is essentially a new log

This process allows us to specify exactly how we want the finish to look like, without having to use vinyl laminate or printing techniques – it’s all real wood, from sustainable sources. And this procedure also makes the result much more consistent between different speakers, while still maintaining that unique organic look. It also means that variations between individual trees, within the wood itself, or due to batches made at different times of the year have much less impact on the final result,” says Dynaudio Industrial Designer Marcus Abrahamsen.