Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Goldmund Melos active speakers

Goldmund Melos active speakers

Goldmund is a high-end brand with high-end price tags to match. The same goes for their new Goldmund Melos active speakers.

The Goldmund Melos is the latest, active, speaker from the stables of the Swiss manufacturer. According to the them, the name was chosen in homage to the melodies of ancient Greece. Earlier, the passive version of the Melos was launched, which already came with a hefty price tag. Naturally, the active version raises the financial picture upwards to yet another level. You get a lot in return though, namely a 2-way speaker with a total weight – per box – of 24 pounds. The built-in amplifier delivers 350 watts per channel

Wireless (but how…?)

In the Goldmund Melos – according to the manufacturer – an “advanced crossover technique” is used, plus an in-house developed digital filter. This, in turn, should lead to lifelike sound reproduction. As for inputs, only an S/PDIF coaxial input (and ditto output) is provided. The speakers can also be paired wirelessly with, for example, a smartphone, computer or other source. From the specifications on the product page, however, it is not clear which protocol is used for this. So you may also need a matching transmit dongle if it turns out to be an in-house developed wireless system.

The Goldmund Melos costs €34,000 per pair.