Friday, December 1, 2023
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Mafico takes over X-FI and Audio-Life

Mafico takes over X-FI and Audio-Life

Dutch Mafico B.V. has acquired Bunge Concern. The latter includes the brands X-FI Audio Import / Audio Life as well as Dutch Audio Event.

Mafico, X-FI and Audio-Life go hand in hand into the future, as the former company announced: ‘With the greatest pleasure we would like to inform you of the successful completion of the acquisition by Mafico B.V. of Bunge Concern B.V. (X-FI Audio Import / Audio-Life). In addition Mafico BV acquired the participation of Bunge Concern in Dutch Audio Events BV (Dutch Audio Event).
This festive moment marks a crucial milestone for both companies. We combine the sales power, marketing expertise and logistical knowledge of our two renowned companies to create a synergy that will result in benefits for our business partners in the Benelux and beyond’.

New benchmark

We firmly believe that with the integration of Bunge Concern’s heritage and Mafico’s forward-thinking approach, this will become the new benchmark in the exciting landscape of High-end audio. In this new strategically focused merger, our goal is to offer an exceptionally strong portfolio of brands aimed at an integrated experience of image and sound instead of offering separate “brands”. In the coming period, we will convert the synergies of our companies into progressive proposition for the market in general and our valued customers in particular,” says the enthusiastic new owner.

Service as usual

We read further in the announcement that Caspar Bunge remains responsible in his role as Creative Hifi Director within the Mafico team. Together with his trusted team members, Hans Scholten and Peter Vijfvinkel, they will – Mafico promises – continue their services as you are used to: ‘In the coming months the team will work hard to ensure a smooth transition and integration period. If you have any questions regarding this acquisition, please do not hesitate to contact Caspar or David, who will be available to provide any necessary information. We look forward to this exciting journey and are confident that the future holds promise for our joint success. Thank you for your trust and cooperation over the years, and we look forward to the wonderful journey ahead.