Thursday, November 30, 2023
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McIntosh MQ112 Environmental Equalizer

McIntosh MQ112 Environmental Equalizer

The McIntosh MQ112 Environmental Equalizer is a versatile device. With which you not only adjust the sound to suit the listening room: more is possible!

The heart of the new McIntosh MQ112 is an 8-band analog equalizer that allows you to increase or decrease the levels of the audio signal on 8 bands in the audio frequency range of 25 Hz – 10 kHz. And that with an impressive adjustment range of ±12dB. The MQ112 is, according to importer-distributor Finesounds Benelux – the solution you need to amplify or suppress certain instrument sequences or voice types when desired.

Making old sound like new again

The nice thing about the McIntosh MQ112 is, the device can also breathe new life into older, imperfect recordings. ‘With the precision of the MQ112, you can adjust specific frequencies, compensate for deficiencies in vintage tracks and reveal their hidden brilliance,’ according to FineSounds. Conveniently, you can also bypass the entire equalizer circuit at the touch of a button if desired. And thus the modified sound can be quickly compared to the original.

Plenty of possibilities

The importer-distributor points us to some more handy features: ‘Both balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs are present on the versatile McIntosh MQ112, making it easy to add it to your stereo system: simply place it between the preamplifier and power amplifier(s) and connect them all together via the inputs and outputs of your choice. The input type you use need not match the output type; for example, you can connect a preamplifier (or other audio component with volume control such as some CD players) via the unbalanced inputs, but then connect the MQ112 to your power amplifier(s) via the balanced outputs with balanced cables. It can also be used with integrated amplifiers, provided the integrated amplifier has removable sweaters so that the preamp section can be disconnected from the power amplifier section.

The MQ112’s versatility is further reflected in its second pair of outputs
You can play the same music through a separate stereo system in another room, bi-amp a single pair of speakers or connect a (pair of) subwoofer(s)‘.

The McIntosh MQ112 will be available from November this year, at a suggested retail price of €3599