Friday, December 1, 2023
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Amazon Prime Video raises prices

Amazon Prime Video raises prices

Amazon Prime Video is going to raise the prices of its service. Or you go for the base price and get to see commercials.

The trend is upwards in terms of price, across all streaming services. With several household names raising prices in recent months, the rest are following suit. The most recent increase is at Amazon Prime Video. You can continue to pay the base price, but then you will be bothered by obligatory commercials. In other words: both pay and ads. If you don’t want those ads, you are expected to pay $2.99 more for Amazon’s video service. The ball was set rolling by Netflix and apparently they are not losing any customers because of it, so the genie is out of the bottle

How much more you will pay outside the U.S. for ad-free Amazon Prime Video is not yet known. The scheme should take effect from January. Time to start thinking seriously about which subscriptions to which streaming services you actually want to keep.